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Reiki is a Japanese healing modality loosely defined as 'Universal Energy'. This powerful non-invasive modality can help balance: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Ancestral, Spiritual, Sexual, Energetic, Metaphysical, and Psychic pain.


SpiritWerks strives to be a sustainable healing energy practice rooted in Self-Empowerment, Wellness, Love & Black Feminism, this rooting means that we intentionally look at: Race, Resources, Disability and Gender inequities in our larger community. SW unapologetically centers Black & Brown Folks, People of Color, LGBTQ, and Two-Spirit/Gender-Non-Conforming/Non-Binary Community Members in our practice. Spirit, of SpiritWerks, began their journey with Reiki in January 2008 and has been witnessing its healing power ever since.


What does a Session look like?


Sessions can last 45-60 minutes depending on the needs of the client and include taking a pre-Reiki assessment and a brief conversational assessment the day of your appointment. During sessions clients lay down on a massage table and relax, often times they experience a pleasant vision, the sensation of floating or they fall asleep. Clients might also feel tingling throughout their body, sense colors or images, experience body parts moving or be aware of feeling hot or cold; moving energy can express itself in a variety of ways. Spirit might also sing over a client while they are on the table, if they feel led to do so.

Please Note: SpiritWerks Reiki home-based studio has six steps with handrails on either side and a 2-inch threshold at the entrance.

Reiki Video

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